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Travelling to Nicaragua during Covid-19

Update on May 28th, 2021

Coming to Nicaragua during covid!

Here’s all the information you need to know to plan your trip to see us.

After being closed for more than 6 months due to the pandemic, we are more than ready to receive you.

We are planning to reopen on 1st of December at our brand new hostel. If you didn’t know, we moved during the pandemic to a new spot, 100m from the old hostel. Same amazing beach, just a better and newer hostel. Beachfront swimming pool and bar, amazing yoga deck and a rooftop terrace. Also, you will have the options of AC in almost every room in case you need it.

New process due to Covid

On arrival, we will try to put only people coming together in the same dorm, until we are too full and we need to mix people. Our cleaning ladies will make sure that the communal spaces are disinfected all day long to protect as much as we can our guests, volunteers, workers and us living here.

There will be no obligatory mask onsite but a lot of purell everywhere to wash your hands as well as some more space in between benches at the bar and at the dining table. 

Before booking a flight to Nicaragua make sure:

  • To look at the flight companies, if they refund or only give credits in case of a cancelled flight. Then it’s your decision. P.S. From a bad experience kiwi.com is only giving credits and it takes more than 4 months to get the credit and they didn’t even give the full amount.
  • To take travel insurance that covers covid. Right now, every week there’s some new one getting added to the list but here are some: World Nomads, SafetyWing, HeyMondo, Croix bleue and Medipac.
  • We don’t offer refunds for the 15% deposit that you are paying but you can always change your dates for free directly on the website or just book your bed a day or two before. It’s not like we will be full months in advance. 

The most important thing to know before booking your trip to Nicaragua. To assure the safety of the population of Nicaragua and with the small number of hospitals in the country, the government put in place a mandatory negative covid PCR result for every person entering the country. The way to do it, is to take a private lab PCR test 72h before your flight. You will get your result 48h before the flight and you will need to send it either to the travel agency you used or the airlines company. They will then confirm your seat and you will have to show your negative test at your departure airport and at Managua airport on arrival. 

You can as well, take a flight to San José or Liberia airports in Costa Rica and cross the border from the south of Nicaragua. The border is now open for people entering Nicaragua but not for people entering Costa Rica, it should change soon. Costa Rica doesn’t ask for a negative covid test, only covid travel insurance. 

Personal experience:

2 owners of Free Spirit Hostel just made the trip in September and everything went smoothly. In all of the airports that we pass through, there were some strict sanitary processes: One bench in between everybody at the airport, mandatory mask from the airport to the plane, temperature taken, etc. It will probably be more crowded in the future but in September, airports were not busy at all and we felt super safe.

In Nicaragua we were happily surprised to see that almost everybody was wearing a mask in the big cities and in the villages as well to go buy groceries or fishes. Moreover, in the big cities, they take temperature and you have to wash your hands before entering almost every property from banks to grocery shops. 

Finally we believe that Nicaragua is a safe country to visit post pandemic and we are ready to welcome you in a safe environment at Free Spirit Hostel. 

Safe travel and see you soon 

From costa

Clients testimonial

The border from Costa Rica can be cross, but you still need the same negative covid PCR test.

You can do your test in Liberia less than 72h before crossing. Be careful, the hospital charges 300$ while a clinic beside charges only 115$. For the test, you need an appointment. The results come in less than 48h and you need to go get the physical copy at the clinic!

It’s 10$ to leave Costa Rica and 13$ to enter Nica. (US dollars absolutely) They checked COVID test many times, asked us how long you are planning on staying in Nicaragua and needed the exact address and reservation of the hotel. (The Free Spirit Hostel, Leon, Nagarote, Playa el Transito, De la escula 1 cuadra al oeste y 1 cuadra al norte). They asked us how much cash you have on you, what are our occupations and other routine questions. They sometimes ask for a proof of exit, so you should have a bus or flights to show as proof.