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Have any questions ? You may find the answer below.

Do you propose a package for surf course and surf rental ?

Yes, those services are available, but as extra. They are not included in the current Surf & Yoga package. You can rent any of our 45+ surfboards, for $15 a day on site, or $10 a day if you book on our website or on check in.
If you choose to surf everyday, a bracelet will be given to you, offering you a discount on the board rental ($10/day instead of $15/day), and the surf lessons at 10$ and hour instead of 20$.

Do you offer transportation from the airport to the hostel?

We don’t offer transportation. However, please click on contact us at the top of the page to check out the different options available in order to get here.

The quickest way to reach us is through our taxi driver Oswaldo.

How can I pay the bill for my stay?

Only in cash, USD or Cordoba or credit card possible but with a 8% service fee.

Do we need to bring a towel, sleeping bag or a pillow?

Bed sheets and pillows are provided at the hostel. Renting towel is possible with a small fee.

Why can’t I book the dates I want on your booking system?

This could happen for two reasons. Either we already have a full house for the dates you’ve chosen, or because there’s a problem with the length of your stay, it doesn’t follow the minimum night policy (depending on the season) of 3 nights or 6 nights. If you want to be sure you can still write us, sometimes we can arrange something for you.

Do you offer weekly activities other than surf and yoga ?

Activities other than surf or yoga include…
Spikeball, volleyball, washer, chilling in the pool, going volcano boarding, hiking the small hill in the village, horseback riding, exploring the natural pools, playing music with our instruments, etc

How much is it to rent a surf board ?

They are not included in the current package. You can rent any of our 45+ surfboards, for $15 a day on site, or $10 a day if you book on our website or on check in for your whole stay.
If you choose to surf everyday, a bracelet will be given to you, offering you a discount on the board rental ($10/day instead of $15/day), and the surf lessons at 10$ an hour and not 20$.

How much is it for a surf class ?

10$ per hour if you have the surf bracelet

20$ if you don’t have it

Is Wi-Fi available at the hostel ?

Yes we offer a 20Mbps wifi on site

What is there to do in El Trànsito ?

You will surely appreciate our little pueblo for its peace and quiet. Different from the busy night life of a San Juan del Sur or the crowded landmarks of Ometepe, El Transito is a tranquil oasis with only a few bars scattered around town, including our own. Surfing is the main activity, with a great swell hitting the beach most of the year (see ‘’Surf in El Trànsito’’ on our website), but it is not the only thing to do here. Take a quick walk to the natural swimming pool, run in the volcanic sand early morning, and enjoy sunset horseback ride. You may also walk around the village, meet its people and appreciate that particular laid back atmosphere. If you need to move your body, or see others moving theirs while you enjoy your holidays, you will enjoy the local baseball match during the weekend, or the daily basketball or soccer match opposing the Nicaraguan youth.

Is it possible to check the yoga or surf lesson schedules prior to my trip ?

The yoga schedule is decided in relation to the surf lessons schedule, which are themselves decided upon the wave size and tides. So the general schedules of our hostel are constantly changing with nature’s rhythm. We can however guarantee for 7 days of different kind of practice (yin, yang, blindfolded, vipassana, vinyasa, acro yoga, work out…).

Is there an age limit ?

Anyone aged 14 or over is entitled to stay at the hostel as long as they are accompanied by a parent/guardian that is over the age of 18. This must be pre-arranged with the hostel. Anyone over the age of 18 can stay here without their parents…

My plane arrives at three o'clock in the morning, can I check in at that time ?

Sure, as long as you let the hostel know by mail what time you’ll be arriving when you make your initial booking. You just have to organize transport from Managua to the hostel with our driver, if needed, and we guarantee the presence of a staff member to help you settle in upon arrival.

Is there a possibility of withdrawing money once in El Trànsito ?

No, but you can pay with credit card at the hostel with a 8% service fee.

Do you have a kitchen available for the guests ?

Yes we do! Depending on the season and packages available, dinner and breakfast are usually cooked and served by the Free Spirit staff. However, the outdoor kitchen, equipped with a stove/oven, a fridge, cooking supplies and a cabinet to store your food, is accessible anytime.

What type of meals are generally served at your hostel ?

Since it’s opening, The Free Spirit Hostel has built part of its experience on the type of food we consume, and the way we appreciate it. Although we propose fresh fish twice a week, all of our dinners are vegetarian. Instead of meat, our team match four or five different flavors, combining spices, local vegetables and original ideas to excite your taste buds in a creative manner. Meat is available in the village, and you’re welcome to cook it back at the hostel. Dinner is family style, meaning that guests, staff members and owners alike get together for a time of sharing and community. Also, we regularly offer homemade baking goods for a very low price!

What is the Learn to Surf package ?

It’s the package we are selling for the summer period starting beginning of April till middle of September. To see what’s include click the Learn to Surf tab at the top of the page.

What is the fastest way to the hostel from Managua ?

For $65, our trusted friend and taxi driver Oswaldo will bring you here, safely, in one hour. He is available day and night, to pick you up from or bring you back to the airport in Managua. You will need to confirm your pick up with him, either by phone, +50584542715, or by email, osteran2002@yahoo.com. Oswaldo speaks perfect English.

For any other information concerning the different means of transport to get here, from Managua or Léon, please follow this link http://thefreespirithostel.com/how-to-get-there/

Does your hostel organizes tours or excursions ?

We organized when the demand is there, a day out to visit the colonial city of Leon and hike a volcano to after slide it down with a sledge. It’s a unique experience called Volcano boarding.